5 Tips for creating a successful Corporate-NGO partnership

This is a time for collaborations, scales, and partnerships and thus revolutionizing the social development milieu. Moreover, in the wake of corporate social responsibility and sustainability concerns finding their ways into corporate strategies across geographies , the state, private, and a ‘third’ sector are collaborating across spaces to lead a better, converging picture in this context. NGOs are looking forward to this shift, and so is the corporate world.

Corporate NGO partnership.

Finding the right NGO partner is as important as finding your organization’s social cause. If not for a right partner, the efforts that go into curating projects & programs for your CSR initiative could go futile.

Here are 5 tips for creating a successful partnerships while working with NGOs:

Find your cause:

In your boardroom discussion, your company strategies are decided, and CSR strategies are no different. Once you are clear about what cause aligns with your business values, do your research and find a potential NGO partner who is working for the same cause.

Align your values:

An NGO with its core values and vision, with professional staff and expertise is what you should look for. For instance, a big organization has committed its CSR efforts towards IT Training and skilling for underprivileged children and youth, so it has collaborated with various NGOs working in the skilling sector in various states in India. This helps them align their objectives and goals with that of the NGOs working in the skilling sector in various states in India. This helps them align their goals and objectives with that of the NGOs while working towards social responsibility.

Involve your leaders:

Involving your CEOs, founders, and those in leadership roles is essential for both the organizations involved. This ensures alignment of values and vision of both organizations, builds trust, and also paves the way for lasting and enduring partnerships in strategic terms. When your leaders are involved, it also helps them understand what happens at the ground level an it impacts decisions made at your board meetings.

Think Long-term:

Think of the partnerships as long term strategic investment. In terms of your company‘s future strategies, CSR strategies and sustainability initiatives must be linked with long term goals. It is not something that you start and leave mid-way. social causes need many years of investment to see significant development.

Define roles and responsibilities:

Setting the responsibilities and roles of each party clearly at the beginning will help in the long run. It will also prevent any role clashes later. Writing down the roles of the NGO and the corporate respectively in your contract or MoU serves as a guideline during the implementation of projects & programs.

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