How to access skilled human talent for CSR initiatives?

Corporate social responsibility is an emerging concept for most companies as they aim to integrate social, economic, and environmental responsibilities while managing the expectations of their stakeholders.

To ensure positive impact, the CSR wing of an organization needs access to a team that consists of people with relevant set of skills, experience, and knowledge as follows:

Knowledge of rules and norms:

It is important to have people with sound knowledge of rules and norms followed in CSR practices applicable to our country. This helps to avoid relying on external sources to consult every time a project has to be implemented.

Understanding the Social Sector

They should have in-depth knowledge of the social sector, as this can provide relevant information on practical measures taken by the organization in collaboration with NGOs and civil society.

Access skilled human talent for CSR.

Mediation skills

This helps in building deep conversations between holders are met. It also helps to close the gap between conflicting and differing views of involved parties.They must also have effective communication skills which will help them to talk about the organization’s achievements effectively.

Experienced professionals

Contribution of experienced professionals with business background plays an important role in reaching out to NGOs because they can understand the needs and challenges of the Social sector and are able to bring onboard employees. They are the perfect fit for communicating amongst key stakeholders at both the organizations.

Someone who truly cares

The team will require individuals who have some knowledge about environment, climate change, human wealth, well being, and other relevant and prevalent social themes.  This helps to make employees participate in CSR activities of the organization, which in turn strengthens the bond between the employee and the organization.

Monitoring and evaluation skills

An experienced program manager with strong and evaluation skills can positively impact.These skills would also establish transparency for CSR strategies. Monitoring the projects and evaluating its performance is an ongoing process in any project or program that the organization commits to, hence it helps to have people on board who can pitch in and help.

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