Why is monitoring & evaluation important for NGOs?

Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is important for an NGO to assess that their project is achieving set targets and evaluate the overall performance of the organization. With the social sector growing gradually, these practices help NGOs to provide transparency to their Donor organisation & take accountability of the project. 

NGOs need to prove their mettle by showing evident results and noticeable improvement in the lives of people who benefit from that particular project.

Here are 5 reasons why M&E is important for an NGO,

5 reasons why monitoring & evaluating important for an NGO


M&E helps organisations to track, analyse and report relevant information and data right from the beginning until end of the project. The project team has an opportunity to provide detailed information to all the stakeholders involved in the project. This information helps the donors to provide their inputs to the team on the strategy & activities planned. This helps the NGO to establish their accountability & transparency of their efforts.

Better performance:

Continuous monitoring & evaluation helps the organization to understand the needs of the community better. It also gives them realistic feedback on the activities undergone by them for the project. This provides the NGO clarity on the expected outcomes & if they need to review their process. With real time feedback on their project, the organization does not have to wait until the end of the project to understand the impact of their efforts.

Effective financial planning:

The project is dependent on the availability of funds. The cash flow determines the duration of the project, access to resources etc. M&E works as a guideline for the team to understand how the allocated funds can be utilized. 

Data driven:

This process provides the NGO as well as the donor organization with a lot of data.This helps both of them to understand the success & difficulties of the project. Quantifiable data helps them to determine the positives & arrive at solutions and improvements based on evidence. This data also helps in future projects as reference or research.

Efficient management:

The learning from M&E of a project can help the NGOs to streamline their operations across other areas as well. It helps them to improve performance and work on continuous improvement of the organization. The knowledge of what works and does not work for them will help in revising their strategies and managing their operations greatly.

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