Transformative strategies require impactful execution. And impactful executions require alignment with appropriate resources. Chrysalis helps you create effective CSR programs aligned with your company’s core values. As social good enablers, we leverage your expertise and long-term vision to devise complete CSR solutions that help drive positive change through effective CSR strategy design, implementation and evaluation. We also help conduct impact assessments and social audits to ensure sustainable value generation resulting in long-lasting transformations within the communities you work with.

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Every intent of touching lives needs timely influx of right resources from the right sources. At Chrysalis, we continually liaise with our network of NGOs across India to facilitate access to funds, partnerships with companies, assistance in monitoring and evaluation, skilled human capital, proper documentation and reports, aids and donations, better communications and much more. With scalability at the core, we will help you identify the perfect corporate associations for sustainable and effective social interventions.

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Since we work in tandem with multi-stakeholder platforms that aim to impact critical social issues, credibility and ongoing assessment become crucial components of the CSR value chain. We extend our CSR consultancy with support services that help elevate the quality and efficacy of all CSR initiatives.