“When the wind blows there are those that build walls and then there are those that build windmills.”

India is shining and for all the right reasons!
The sparkle, however, is not spread evenly across the social spectrum which brings the need to reflect on our actions and practises. Even after CSR becoming a corporate mandate, India Inc. is still struggling to ascertain an efficient CSR spending pattern. While the regulation has helped increase the number of companies engaged in CSR activities, it has only marginally improved the efficiencies. At Chrysalis Services, we have the right team wanting to do the right thing for the right reasons to help stakeholders on the entire value chain to align them with social responsibility models.

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The achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development requires creating synergies with different sectors by pooling in expertise, financial resources and technical know-how. We make the greatest impact with our partners to engage, connect, inspire and ensure that their giving creates a greater impact.

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    Lives impacted through partnerships
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    Social Organisations Strengthened

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    SDGs aided through projects

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    States where we enabled interventions

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    UTs where we enabled interventions

Our Partners’ Experience

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Our journey this past year has been rewarding, with an increase in brand visibility, audience engagement, and optimal exposure of our activities pan India. The most critical thing for us has the interactive level of communication, ability to staying in touch, and having regular defined contact points to make sure we were always looking at the larger picture. Chrysalis continues to be supportive, flexible, and proactive with a sensitivity to our work and people we work with. We are glad that you have been such a professional and dedicated partner.

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Chrysalis social media team is indeed impressive. They’re well-versed with best practices for creating or enhancing online presence, and skillfully balance that with the particular requirement at hand. The team is good at navigating the way forward while simultaneously accommodating individual preferences. They’re professional yet the responses are personalized, they respect timelines - which for me is as important as impeccable grammar – which too they are cognizant of, and aim for perfection. They’re imaginative and thorough and very open to suggestions. Working with the Chrysalis social media team has been seamless and a great learning experience.

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Christian Medical College Vellore has been working with Team Chrysalis Service 2019. Internally we have a very small fundraising team, but they have helped us to formulate big ambitions and then take concrete steps towards realising these. They are a very professional group with a good knowledge of the world of CSR and corporate funding. They have helped us to identify and approach a large number of companies. when we had neither the manpower nor the expertise to do this. Regular weekly meetings ensure that we keep the momentum going. We have appreciated their helpful and friendly approach, their insights and ideas as well as their detailed and organised approach to fundraising.

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Chrysalis services follow a very disciplined, planned, and systematic approach towards fundraising, always understanding the need of its partners and working diligently towards getting the right fit. We value our partnership with them that is based on trust, openness, and mutual respect and we hope to work together for a long term.

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Collaborate with us

There's something special about knowing your hard work and talents are helping drive real social change – and at Chrysalis Services, we are passionate about doing just that. We would like to collaborate with partners to be catalytic and flexible in their pursuit of social impact through research, facilitation and evaluation.

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