Communication Services

We consider ourselves part of your story; to create content that shines and reflects who you are. Our goal is to help you engage stakeholders, create awareness and ensure that the right message reaches the right audience at the right time.Our creative team is a hallmark of its kind, with hands-on exposure and experience in the development sector which is reflective in the communications crafted across mediums and thematic areas.

Our offerings

Brand Identitytickticktick
Social Media Communication- Organisationticktick
Social Media Communication- Managementticktick
Website Updation with Backend Supportticktick
Annual Reporttick
CSR Donor Reports Design + Content Refinementtick
Social Media Training - One timeticktick
Beneficiary/ Program Films with Shoots- Twice a Yeartick
Events - Planning and Collaterals Executiontick
PR Services- Identification of Agency and Supervisiontick
Brochures/Leaflets- Program Communication Materialticktick
Award Entriestick
Coverage of NGOs work on our website/Social Mediaticktick
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