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NEP Focus: Revolutionising Indian Education for Teachers, Students, and Learning

India’s National Education Policy (NEP) 2023 is a groundbreaking initiative that holds the promise of transforming the Indian education system into a more flexible, holistic, and equitable framework. It’s a comprehensive policy that encompasses every aspect of education, right from a child’s early learning to advanced higher education. Nurturing the Nurturers: A New Era for...

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Navigating CSR Funding: A Guide for NGOs

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding has become a significant source of support for NGOs working towards social causes. However, securing CSR funding can be a challenging task, especially for newly started organisations. In this blog post, we will address common questions and provide insights on how NGOs can search for project funding opportunities, enhance their...

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Pragmatism Vs Idealism

Pragmatism and idealism are two different approaches to understanding and solving problems. Pragmatism is a practical and realistic approach focusing on what is possible and what works. On the other hand, idealism is an idealistic and theoretical approach that focuses on what should and could be. Pragmatism is based on the idea that the best...

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Volunteerism: The journey that makes ordinary people extraordinary humanitarians

Volunteering is a selfless act of giving back to the community, which can positively impact the lives of others and provide personal satisfaction and fulfilment. India is known for its strong sense of community and social responsibility, making volunteering an increasingly popular way for young people to give back to their communities while gaining valuable...

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